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Webasto Volkswagen T5 Auxiliary Heater Parking upgrade kit

Webasto Volkswagen T5 Auxiliary Heater Parking upgrade kit
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Manufacturer Webasto
Product Volkswagen T5 Auxiliary Heater Parking upgrade kit
Stockcode WEBT5UGKIT
Category Auxiliary heating > Volkswagen
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Available with the T91 remote control or with the dash mounted programable timer or both!

With the T91 you can simply press the on button on the remote control and the Webasto heater will start up to preheat the engine and in turn the interior of your T5. Within about 15 minutes your vehicle will be at operating temperature meaning no cold starts and less wear to the engine. you will also not need to defrost the windscreen as this will be taken care of by the powerfull 5kw water heater.

Programmed to feel good: Comfort preset timer

The comfort preset timer always guarantees perfect timing for your feel good climate. It is ideal for anyone who wants a controlled temperature in their vehicle at regular times. You can program up to three start times for your heater every day. For you this means: a longer breakfast in the morning, a more journey home in the evening and naturally a cosy and warm knocking-off time.

Program your heater up to 24 hours in advance and enjoy feel good heat on the dot. The heater can of course be started immediately with no preset timing.

It goes without saying that you can also activate the ventilation function via your comfort preset timer.

Modern , direct-injection diesel engines are so efficient they often no longer generate enough heat to warm the vehicles interior. As a result, nearly all diesel vehicles are factory–fitted with an “auxiliary heater” as standard in order to ensure a cosy temperature inside the vehicle.

Comfort in a car does not have to be expensive.

All modern diesel vehicles such as the Volkswagen T5 Transporter/Caravelle that are fitted with a fuel-powered auxiliary heater, can have the heater upgraded to operate as an engine pre-heater— at a very reasonable cost.

Key Advantages:

• Easy installation
• Inexpensive installation cost
• Many of the benefits of the Webasto
brand parking heaters
• A warm engine is more responsive
• No more cold starts = less wear and
tear on your engine
Programmed for warmth:
convenient pre-set timer

Your engine can be heated ready for the start of your journey. After all you don’t come home and then turn your heating on.

And as a T5 owner you have an unbeatable advantage: turning the auxiliary heater on your vehicle into an engine pre-heater is particularly cost effective.

For a cleaner environment.

Emissions from a pre-warmed engine are significantly reduced— by as much as 50% for a petrol engined car.

• It’s so easy to significantly reduce pollutant emissions
• A comfortable climate in your car lets you concentrate 100% on the road

Full installation service available please call or e mail for more information.
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