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T5 Transporter Interior light Upgrade
Here is a how to on fitting a W8 style interior light to a T5. The benifits of fitting this interior light are that you would gain reading lamps for driver and passenger and also you get LED down lights to illuminate the dash.
Firstly you need to remove the lense from your interior light, this is done by using a plastic trim tool to prise the clear plastic lense down starting from the back of the light.
Turn off the light so as not to burn your self when you take it out!
Undo the right hand phillips head screw.
followed by the left hand phillips screw.
Locate the two plastic clips on each side of the light and use a plastic trim tool to push them inwards.
Release one side and then the other and unplug the old light.
Undo the two torx screws from the bracket above where your interior light was and remove the cubby box from the headlining.
You will need to modify your cubby box to allow room for the larger plug from the W8 light. I cut a 35mm deep and 20mm high hole in the back using a combination of a stanley knife and metal ruler and hack saw
It's pretty easy to hack away at it and make ar real mess so take your time to get a really clean edge. I finished the blanking off using black plastic cut from a sheet and plastic welding it using a soldering iron with a special tip. I would have used hot glue but with the heat generated from the roof it would have come unstuck in the summer, You could finish it all of nicely with some rubber matting inside. Once you have modified the cubby box replace it and the torx screws.
Fit one end of the adaptor loom to the exsisting plug and the other to the new interior light.
Run the long grey cable behind the head lining so it comes out by the mirror.
fit the W8 interior light into panel. You will notice the light does not need to be screwed into place like the old one but locates with two metal clips.
Remove speaker grill from drivers side using the plastic trim tool.
Remove 'A' pillar trim starting from the top of the panel releasing the three clips.
The last/lowest clip for me was still tight so I used the plasic trim removal tool to prise the panel loose.
Remove the end cap from dash.
Run the grey cable along the headlining and pass it through the clips down the 'A' pillar....
so the cable comes out beside the light switch that will also need removing. The light switch is removed by pressing the switch in while in the off position and turning slightly to the side light position and then pulling the switch out.
Unplug the switch and locate pin 17, the Grey Blue wire in this picture on the left.
Strip the wire back and twist in the grey cable from the new interior light. Solder and tape for a proper connection or scotch lock if you don't care about your electrics.
Turn on your side lights and be flooded in beutiful red light